MUSA - MUlti-cloud Secure Applications

Niccolò Zazzeri

Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, Edif. 700, 48160 Derio, Bizkaia (Spain)

MUSA supports the security-intelligent lifecycle management of distributed applications over heterogeneous cloud resources, through a security framework that includes: security-by-design mechanisms to allow application self-protection at runtime, and methods and tools for the integrated security assurance in both the engineering and operation of multi-cloud applications.

The proposed solutions are:

  • Risk management - Standard threat catalogue based systematic process for collaborative teams

  • Cloud Service Selection - Risk-based cloud service selection decision support

  • Service Level Agreement support - Automatic creation of SLAs with security metrics, ready for continuous assurance

  • SIEM - Security incident and event monitoring, plus automatic reaction.

  • Cloud security deployment - Automatic deployment in hybrid, heterogeneous, independent IaaS and PaaS

  • Multi-cloud modelling - Specification of deployment and security requirements

All the MUSA tools are integrated in the MUSA SecDevOps Framework, a single kanban-style Dashboard that enables multi-disciplinary DevOps teams to collaborate in the application life-cycle.


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