25-29 May 2020: GHOST

1) Who are your main users?

GHOST solution aims to provide an usable cybersecuritye software suite to be embedded in IoT gateways, in order to protect IoT home networks for any possible service. In this sense, the main users are the home inhabitants but our targeted client is the IoT service provider.

2) What cybersecurity/privacy challenges do your solutions address?

GHOST combines a set of technologies in order to provide real-time autonomous assessment of threats, detection of potential attacks, identification of end-points, cloud-based repository integration, etc. in a simple and usable way, with the aim of a regular smart home user taking the control of the solution.

3) How do your solutions improve the lives of your users?

GHOST allows the end-user to actively being involved in the control of the cybersecurity of his home, providing usable tools for that. In short, GHOST opens the cybsersecurity black-box to the regular home inhabitant.

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The main objective set forth by GHOST is to develop a user-friendly application to improve security and privacy in a Digital Home connected to Internet of Things (IoT), using the most advanced technologies available for this purpose.

Ghost will contribute to boost European IoT home market, bringing next-generation security systems for domestic applications (based on technologies like blockchain or deep packet inspection) to all users, independently of their previous knowledge. GHOST has a budget of 4.9 million euros and a development period of 36 months. It is supported by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 (specifically in the topic DS-02-2016, under Grant Agreement number GA-740923). Ten companies, organizations and universities from six countries are part of the project, led by Televes.