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Secure and private connectivity in smart environments

Ruben Radwan Tognetti

01 January 2018

31 December 2023

EC funded project

Wireless networks transform our environments into smart ones: ubiquitous medical services, smart energy production & distribution, automated logistics chains, smart buildings, more effective tactical operations, more efficient and safer transportation. We have every reason to embrace smart environments but without new dangers for the systems and their users.

The SURPRISE project provides an advanced yet pragmatic approach for practical security and privacy (S&P) for smart environments: solutions that catalyse a broad set of applications and services, relying on well-understood and rigorously evaluated components that significantly advance the state of the art. We tackle fundamental problems with far-reaching importance and relevance to potentially any smart environment.

Our goal is to develop three key S&P enablers:

  • trust management, including identity and credential management for S&P,
  • lean, resilient S&P preserving communication and networking, and
  • data validation and S&P preserving processing.

The measurable outputs are: - Designed and analyzed schemes, with implementations, for each work packages – each tightly mapped to our objectives and the leading expertise of the consortium - Pilot demonstration, with its resultant measurements and user experience - Remotely accessible testbed open to the community - Open source components and tools - Education of researchers and students, synergies with industrial partners, top-level publications.