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SPECIAL project deliverables

Find here the public deliverables created in SPECIAL. Our vision is to reconcile Big Data and personal data protection via an innovative data handling solution and a transparency framework. We develop this technology to ease industry’s difficulties with GDPR compliance and to enable respectful treatment of personal information. This introduces new ways of user interaction on data protection, fostering trusted customer relationships. Thus, we
- build a big data architecture to handle linked data for privacy policies, as well as deploy scalable, queryable encryption
- develop advanced user (data subject) interaction and control features
- integrate the results of the Big Data Europe and the PrimeLife projects, while advancing the state of the art of privacy-enhancing technologies
- include ethical principles, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and consider a future ePrivacy Regulation.

SPECIAL has produced a large number of project deliverables, of which most are publicly available under the Green Open Access model.

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