Strengthening European Network Centres of Excellence in Cybercrime

Ruben Radwan Tognetti

01 January 2016

01 January 2018

EC funded project


The main goal of the project is to create a single point of Reference for EU national Cybercrime Centres of Excellence (hereinafter – CoE) and develop further the Network of national CoE into well-defined and well-functioning community


Who is the project designed for?

  • LEA organizations: police, prosecutors, judges,
  • Relevant NGO and mediation institutions,
  • Education – police colleges, universities, competence
  • Certification and qualification control bodies
  • Science – Universities, hubs, clusters, R&D institutions or departments
  • International – EUROPOL, INTERPOL, EC3
  • Intersecting domains networks – InSafe, NET


How will your project benefit the end-user?

  • The sharing of experience and resources between national cybercrime centres across Europe
  • Best practices that could be used by other countries that do not yet have a national cybercrime centre
  • A business model that could be used in resource-limited EU countries and regions
  • Joint training programmes and international groups of trainers
  • Creating partnerships with similar networks in other parts of the world.