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PlusPrivacy provides you with a unified dashboard for protecting yourself from a variety of threats to your privacy. It will enable you to control the privacy settings in your social network accounts, hide your email identity, block ads, trackers and malware and prevent unwanted apps and browser extensions from tracking you and collecting your private data.

There  are four main functions for your benefit:

  1. Privacy for benefit deals - When you use  social media sites valuable data is collected about you by these sites. The economic value of this data is blocked to you, the user. PlusPrivacy allows you  to benefit from this data sharing  if you wish.
  2. Iidentities - PlusPrivacy  allows you  to set up email aliases  and substitute  identities which can be instantly wiped out. The credentials of these accounts are managed for you automatically.
  3. AdBlocking and anti-tracking - Social networks allow other sites or Ad networks to track you when you visit them. User privacy is violated and your identity is disclosed without you realizing this. PlusPrivacy enables you to filter out third party tracking and  ads allowing you to control the level of  tracking or sharing.
  4. Dashboard - PlusPrivacy offers a unified privacy settings dashboard where you can handle all your accounts in one place.