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CYBERWISER.eu - Service Offer 2018

01/09/2018 to 28/02/2021


CYBERWISER.eu addresses the urgent need to count on highly-skilled, multi-disciplined cybersecurity professionals, due to the increasingly aggressive cyber-landscape that Europe and the world is facing. The project intends to build a cyber range platform to address the training needs of a broad spectrum of cybersecurity students and professionals. This integrated platform will be composed by highly innovative models and tools, delivering a high-added value product with wide application in different training courses.

CYBERWISER.eu will provide a comprehensive, simulated training environment, enabling integral learning to the user where cybersecurity competitions will take place. The users will find a set of innovative tools to generate highly detailed exercise scenarios simulating ICT infrastructures to be used for cybersecurity professional training, all this in addition of highly descriptive economic models for cyber risk assessment and countermeasure suggestion, to boost user training and performance evaluation.

Who is the project designed for?

  • Cybersecurity students and professionals: as a new generation of experts that will be trained by CYBERWISER.eu  "on the ground" focusing on improving their ability to face high-risk scenarios on a multi skill level. The final aim will be increasing their career opportunities together with empowering the socio-economic effects towards the society.
  • SMEs and Large companies: no matters if it's an enterprise with hundreds of employers or a small project run just by a couple of people, all digital business can be subjected to cyberattacks, therefore a driven security strategy should be present in all types company.  One of the CYBERWISER.eu main goals is to provide the know-how to build its own cybersecurity team.
  • National and regional public administrations: for what concerns the hard role of educating and encouraging the citizens to the digital world CYBERWISER.eu can play a key-role in promoting cyber security awareness and building trust among the population.
  • Universities & research institutions and other HE organizations: university world and research entities require a diversity of experiments and that's why CYBERWISER.eu will gather different students belonging to different ICT education programs (i.e Computer Engineering, Embedded Computing Systems and Telecommunications) to bring an interdisciplinary variety of aspects.

How is your project benefitting the end-user?

Built on top of the results of the successful H2020 project WISER, CYBERWISER.eu will pull the real-time cyber risk assessment features of the WISER Framework to build a brand new highly innovative cyber range platform, capable of providing detailed and relevant exercise environments for the training of tens of cybersecurity professionals and students to meet the needs of both industry and academia.  
The CYBERWISER.eu work plan includes 3 full-scale pilots plus an Open Pilot Stream Project.
The full-scale pilots will cover 2 critical groups of infrastructures and a specific context of University Master course on Cybersecurity.

  • High Education, UNIPI - UNIVERSITY OF PISA

The Open Pilot Stream is an online admission, first come first serve basis,  for public and private institutions that want to benefit from the CYBERWISER.eu training for their employees. The project will increase the end users knowledge about cybersecurity and significantly reinforce their potentialities and skills . Early users recruited through the Open Pilot Stream will also serve to validate the platform and adjust the approach to fit the widest possible range of user needs. At the same time, the CYBERWISER.eu Open Pilot Stream and Professional Register will realize important socio-economic impact through extensive capacity-buildingacross multiple sectors and the public and private sectors.

Getting down to brass tacks, CYBERWISER.eu is about the democratization of cybersecurity and the empowerment of multi-disciplined teams in public and private organizations, giving them the platform, tools and support necessary to fully ensure their capacity to defend their most important assets.