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CYBERWISER.eu Platform - PRIMER Offering Level

The PRIMER offering level is the starting point to CYBERWISER.eu platform, it is an offering level mainly addressed to Students or Early professionals that do not have any knowledge of the cybersecurity framework. The first Learning goal of the Primer level is to give a complete understanding of the basic concepts like most common Cybersecurity threats and best practice. Another learning goal is to understand the overall process of cyber-risk analysis and its relationship with cybersecurity.

The PRIMER offering leve is composed by three courses in the area of “Introduction to cyber-risk analysis and cybersecurity” titled as follow:

  • Introduction to cyber-risk analysis and cybersecurity
  • Conceptual clarification of cyber-risk analysis and cybersecurity
  • Overview of the overall cyber-risk analysis process 

The second part of the course covers the basic concepts of cybersecurity in terms of most commons’ threats and menaces. More specifically in this section the courses provided are: 

  • Awareness of Phishing
  • Awareness of Password Weaknesses
  • Awareness of Ransomware
  • Awareness of Data Leakage
  • Awareness of Insider Threat

In the final two courses are proposed about cyber-risk assessment, which includes the concepts and the most common strategies related to risk identification, risk estimation and risk evaluation.

The courses are titled:

  • Introduction to cyber-risk analysis and cybersecurity.
  • Introduction to cyber-risk assessment.

At the end of each course a certificate is issued to trainees who have successfully completed the course.

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