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CYBERWISER.eu Platform - INTERMEDIATE Offering Level

The INTERMEDIATE offering level enables a much more personalised experience with a larger number of features. These include the number of elements that can be used for defining a cyber-range training scenario, the possibility to create new training scenarios, a suite of available automated attacks and a first version of vulnerability assessment tools.

Another new feature (to be exploited further in the ADVANCED offering level) is parameter-based real-time evaluation of trainee performance supported by models and algorithms for economic risk evaluation.

The courses develop aspects of context establishment, cyber-risk assessment, cyber-risk treatment, and cost/benefit analysis not covered at the BASIC offering level. INTERMEDIATE level also introduces competitive training and exercise scenario models (team vs. team).

This level clearly targets more expert users from academic/educational and business contexts as well as SMEs, large enterprises (LEs) as well as CSIRTs and CERTs.

The courses in the Intermediate level also aim to feature additional aspects related to context-setting and cyber-risk assessment not covered in the lower offering levels, as well as cyber-risk treatment and cost/benefit analysis:

  • Describe target of analysis, level 2
  • Identify risk criteria
    • Define likelihood scales.
    • Define consequence scales for each information security asset.
    • Define risk evaluation criteria and corresponding risk evaluation matrix.
    • Cyber-risk reports on CYBERWISER.eu
  • Identify risks, level 2
    • Identify risk indicators.
    • Obtaining indicator values in CYBERWISER.eu
    • Cyber-risk models in support of cybersecurity training and evaluation.
  • Estimate risks
    • Likelihood and consequence estimation.
    • How to update risk assessment algorithms?
  • Treat risks, level 1

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