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The BASIC offering level targets users that are familiar with cybersecurity and want or need to test and improve their skills at a higher level.

The BASIC offering level offers users, more complex courses and training materials, as well as a first look at the cyber-range training with simple, pre-defined training scenario, giving them access to “real” use case scenarios as defined by the team.

A total of five Basic courses are included in this level mostly focuses on “Context establishment”, “Cyber-risk assessment” and “Cybersecurity and risk awareness”:

  • Description target of analysis, Level 1
  • Identification and description of security assets, Level 1
  • Identification and description of threat profiles and high-level risks, Level 1
  • Identification of risks, Level 1
  • Understand Password Weaknesses via hands-on training.

At the end of this offering level the trainee will receives a Diploma and will also automatically be included in the Cybersecurity professional register (CyPR).


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