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CYBERWISER.eu Platform - ADVANCED Offering Level

In the ADVANCED offering level all the features in the INTERMEDIATE level are upgraded to their full potential to guarantee adequate training materials, the provision of cyber-rage training scenarios and exercises, simulation of cyber-attacks and defence mechanisms, monitoring and measurement of user performance for those users already tasked with the defence of high-risk organisations against cyber-attacks and incidents.

The ADVANCED courses cover all aspects of context establishment and cyber-risk assessment, as well as cyber-risk treatment and cost/benefit analysis:

  • Identify and describe security assets, level 2
  • Identify and describe threat profiles and high-level risks, level 2
  • Identify risks, level 3
    • SQL injection
    • Cross-site scripting
    • Session hijacking
    • Firewall attack and network filtering
    • Targeted malware
    • Broken access control
    • Phishing
  • Evaluate risks
  • Treat risks, level 2
    • Cost-benefit analysis in the context of cyber-risk assessment
    • How to use countermeasures in CYBERWISER.eu – the Countermeasures Simulator

These elements are designed to meet the needs of large organisations with financial muscle, more advanced training needs, and that recognise the importance of advancing employee competences by using a cyber-range platform.

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