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Cyberwatching.eu Project of the Week: COMPACT

Delivering cybersecurity to PAs through an user-friendly approach

COMPACT (COmpetitive Methods to protect local PA from Cybersecurity Threats) is a project funded under EU H2020 that aims to strengthen cybersecurity and cyber-resilience for local public administrations (LPAs).

The COMPACT project is currently developing a set of training tools in order to cover different aspects of cybersecurity, from risk assessment and security awareness training to cybersecurity monitoring and knowledge sharing. In the end all their solutions will be made available via an integrated platform.

The project is coordinated by the Italian system integrator Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa and it’s currently undergoing its last year, ending in October 2019.

At the moment Cyberwatching.eu is featuring COMPACT as project of the week from February 25th to March 1rd.


Engagement of LPAs through gamification and user-friendly interfaces

The project analyzed the most widespread threats and cyber security issues facing LPAs, in particular the ones that are most frequently used and that have the stronger impact in terms of damage.

To allow uptake by non-expert IT users and – ultimately – to make COMPACT solutions available to virtually the entire workforce of LPAs they decided to combine the use of an innovative gaming approach with user-friendly interfaces.

The level of acceptance was increased through a HIL approach, that – by allowing LPAs personnel to override automated system decisions – ensures that end-users retain full control of the platform at all times. This also reduced the perceived disadvantages of automation (e.g. loss of control, lack of trust, fear of change).

COMPACT will extend its impact by fostering a continuum across LPAs who can pool the knowledge to speed up and increase their level of protection.


A double sided strategy: technology and process

The innovation in COMPACT comes both on a technological level and on a process level, an important dimension in engaging LPA employees in the improvement of cyber-resilience.

On a technological level, COMPACT innovates in real time security monitoring, security awareness training, information sharing, cyber-security gamification, risk assessment, and threat intelligence.

On a process level, COMPACT adapts the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle for LPAs to do iterative removal of security bottlenecks and achieve compliance to EN ISO/IEC 27001 and BS ISO/IEC 27005.

Watch this video to know how COMPACT - Competitive Methods protect local Public Administration from Cyber security Threats


Ease of adoption as a key for success

COMPACT solutions commits to remain low-cost and easy to install and maintain, and thus affordable even for LPAs of a relatively small size. This will be fundamental for the success of the project and it will be achieved by building on a selection of best of breed Open Source products and tools and providing the possibility of deploying COMPACT solutions on the cloud.

As the project is now approaching its last months, Cyberwatching.eu will keep a close eye on its latest developments and look forward to review and spread its results.


To know more about the project you can visit their website: https://www.compact-project.eu/en


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