Niccolò Zazzeri

01 January 2015

31 December 2018

EC funded project


The paradigm of mobile cooperation will soon have a great impact in different sectors such as emergency management and critical transport infrastructures. On the one hand, large-scale disasters often disable communications service. On the other hand, poor roads and terrorist threats in large public transport terminals can endanger the lives of people. In cases like these, the use of mobile cooperative systems based on secure communications will be very useful. CASUS is a project created to address this challenge, by providing the design and implementation of new secure systems for cooperative communication based on the combination of different mobile technologies.

Who is the project designed for?

• Transportation Infrastructure Authorities

• Emergency Coordination Centres

• International, National and Regional government bodies and policy making institutions

• Security scientific/technical community

• Security training and professional organisations

• Security service and device providers

• High-tech SMEs

• Citizen organisations

How will your project benefit the end-user?

CASUS seeks to enable us, as a society, to face with more trust and safety the possible critical and disastrous situations that may occur, thanks to the use of mobile cooperation. Its ultimate goal is the study, research and improvement of communications in disaster situations. and in some critical transportation infrastructures, in order to minimize the damage that may be caused by any catastrophic or emergency situation. To this end, mobile cooperation systems will be developed with specific applicability to emergency situations and transport infrastructures. All this will be taken to the user on foot, through the development of a final demonstrator useful to society, which corroborates all the research carried out during the project.

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