Bridging the security, privacy and data protection gap for smaller enterprises in Europe

Claudio Correa

01 July 2021

01 July 2024

EC funded project

The SENTINEL project will deliver a solution that will enable a novel “one-stop shop” approach to integrated and obtainable private and personal data protection compliance for SMEs/MEs.

This will be achieved through the adherence to the following project propositions:

  • To deliver a robust, technologically feasible and usable digital architecture that will provide SMEs/MEs security and privacy functionalities hitherto unavailable outside the domain of large enterprises.
  • To offer its users a theoretically relevant detailed methodology for the effective utilisation of this digital framework.
  • To allow for extensive experimentation on three carefully chosen pilots from three different business domains featuring sensitive personal data protection requirements.
  • To roll out this novel approach to over 10.000 smaller enterprises across at least 6 countries, in numerous verticals, through the consortium’s ambitious dissemination, communication and exploitation plan.


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