Open-source ReSilient Hardware and software for Internet of thiNgs

Barbara Gaggl

01 October 2022

30 September 2025

EC funded project

The EU-funded ORSHIN project aims to build connected OSH devices, such as (I)IoT ones, taking advantage of unprecedented opportunities provided by open-source hardware. The project will specify a novel and dependable methodology to develop, maintain and decommission OSH devices which we call trusted life cycle. The project will research new formal verification models and tools to protect OSH devices from critical threats such as side-channel and fault injection vulnerabilities. ORSHIN will investigate novel security testing procedures for OSH devices, including hardware-assisted firmware testing and silicon-level auditing techniques.

The ORSHIN team will develop novel and robust protocols pivoting on OSH blocks to provide essential and beyond-essential security and privacy guarantees for inter-device and intra-device communication


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