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Spatio-TEmporal Linked data tools for the AgRi-food data space

Julie Arteza

01 September 2022

31 August 2025

EC funded project

STELAR will design, develop, evaluate, and showcase an innovative Knowledge Lake Management System (KLMS) to support and facilitate a holistic approach for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) and AI-ready (high-quality, reliably labeled) data.

The STELAR KLMS will allow to (semi-)automatically turn a raw data lake into a knowledge lake. This is achieved by (1) enhancing the data lake with a knowledge layer, and (2) developing and integrating a set of data management tools and workflows. The knowledge layer will comprise: (a) a data catalog offering automatically enhanced metadata for the raw data assets in the lake, and (b) a knowledge graph that semantically describes and interlinks these data assets using suitable domain ontologies and vocabularies.

The provided tools and workflows will offer novel functionalities for: (a) data discovery and quality management; (b) data linking and alignment; and (c) data annotation and synthetic data generation.

The KLMS will combine both human-in-the-loop and automatic approaches, to leverage background knowledge of domain experts while minimizing their involvement.


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