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Runtime security monitoring

Verify any security violation at runtime, monitoring stack for the run-time conditions so that the self- learning and self-healing mechanisms can be fed.  

PIACERE Framework

Keywords: cybersecurity, static analysis, model checking, Wazuh, vulnerability assessment 


  • Able to run integrated vulnerability scanners to scan web applications and detect web vulnerabilities  

  • Detect vulnerable software in known vulnerable service versions 

  • Run custom scripts for detection of specific vulnerabilities and schedule repeating vulnerability scans  

Result Description: a monitoring system, capable of detecting security-related events and incidents in the deployed application's environment. The monitoring system will be (to the extent possible) deployable automatically and will notify users about security alerts.. 

Unique Value Proposition: create informative metrics/variables with significant discriminative power.   

IP: The Wazuh extension developed as basic functionality of PIACERE are released as Open Source software. It includes the VAT platform which was changed to Open Source, and LOMOS that is proprietary, closed-source solution, all of the three developed by XLAB. 

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