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Security and Privacy Protection in Internet of Things Devices

Alexandros Tavernarakis

01 September 2021

31 August 2024

EC funded project

The industrial sector is experiencing an unprecedented number of changes in recent years. New models of remote delivery, especially in complex ICT infrastructures such as healthcare, increase the potential impact of cyber security breaches to a level that has not been experienced before.

The implementation of platforms permitting people to work from home means that the attack surface is considerably broadened and adversaries can disclose sensitive information, affect the integrity or correctness of the transmitted data, or even stop processes and services from taking place.

The SECANT platform will implement (a) a collaborative threat intelligence collection, analysis and sharing, (b) an innovative risk analysis specifically designed for interconnected nodes of an industrial ecosystem, (c) a cutting-edge trust and accountability mechanisms for data protection and (d) a security awareness training for more informed security choices.

Ultimately, SECANT will contribute decisively towards improving the readiness and resilience of the organizations against the crippling modern cyber-threats, increasing the privacy, data protection and accountability across the entire interconnected ICT ecosystem, and reducing the costs for security training in the European market.


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