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M-Sec Project Online Contest

06/09/2021 to 10/09/2021

In the scope of its activities, the M-Sec Project intends to engage the industrial and academic sectors towards the adoption and/or development of M-Sec project findings that support the creation of new business ideas that address smart city challenges. The M-Sec Online Contest thus intends to be a space in which developers, entrepreneurs, startups, data scientists, university students, the research community and persons interested in making their city a better place can gather to develop, in a collaborative and interdisciplinary way, a business idea that makes our cities more efficient, intelligent, sustainable, and secure.

Participants must be, at least, a team of 3 members and put together a business idea that addresses one of the two proposed city challenges and considers the use of the M-Sec framework as a security and privacy element of that business case. The main goal is to leverage the M-Sec framework and, at the same time, provide other business models and use cases where M-Sec can be used, to make cities smarter and more cyber secure.

The Online Contest welcomes all ideas to the proposed challenges, and they are not expected to go beyond concept phase. Business ideas must be based on the current or future development of an original software (web/mobile app) and/or hardware (sensors, cameras) solution that solves one of the city challenges.

The Online Contest will take place between 6 and 10 September 2021. It is a completely free event in which teams are expected to receive support from the M-Sec consortium in the design and development of their new and early-stage business idea, helping them better prepare to present the idea to a panel of international experts on 10 September, at a public online event, who will decide on the top 3 winners of each city challenge.