White paper

Title Date
Constructing Tool-based Security Test Sequences for Vehicles as High-tech Data-rich Systems
A Survey on the Application of Safety, Security, and Privacy Standards for Dependable Systems
Improving System Trustworthyness by Combining Remote Attestation and Root Cause Analysis
A Model for Metricising Privacy and Legal Compliance
Architectural Guidance in Automotive for Privacy and Security: Survey and Classification
A Survey on the Applicability of Safety, Security and Privacy Standards in Developing Dependable Systems 19 Sep 2019
An Optical Interference Suppression Scheme for TCSPC Flash LiDAR Imagers
Real-time motion planning approach for automated driving in urban environments
Framework for Motion Prediction of Vehicles in a Simulated Environment
Approaching the Automation of Cyber Security Testing of Connected Vehicles
Localization and communication resource budgeting for multi-user mm-Wave MIMO
Localization and Throughput Trade-Off in a Multi-User Multi-Carrier mm-Wave System
Driver Behaviour Modeling with Vehicle Driving Simulator
Redundancy as an important Source of Resilience in the Safety II concept
Extracting vehicle sensor signals from CAN logs for driver re-identification
Smart Systems Everywhere – Intelligence, Autonomy, Technology and Society
Beyond smart systems - Creating a Society of the Future (5.0) resolving Dispruptive Changes and Social Challenges
Practical Security and Privacy Threat Analysis in the Automotive Domain: Long Term Support Scenario for Over-the-Air Updates