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International Cybersecurity Forum FIC2022

International Cybersecurity Forum FIC2022, a major cybersecurity event in Europe, took place on 7-9 June in Lille, France. It gathered together over 14.000 attendees from around Europe – service and solution providers, consultants, law enforcement, government agencies, EU projects and institutions, education providers, and end users.

GEIGER joined the event with a booth in the #FIC2022 EU Pavilion, as well as a dedicated page on the online platform of the event. Our team presented GEIGER in two 45-minute sessions at the Pitch Area:

On Wednesday 8 June, Wissam Mallouli from Montimage, together with David Goodman from our sister project Cyber Security for Europe, discussed the challenge of bringing cybersecurity to SMEs that don't have the background in IT or or understanding of cybersecurity, in a session called 'Take control, protect, thrive! How to bring sorely needed cybersecurity to small businesses?'.

On Thursday 9 June, Samuel Fricker from FHNW and Bernd Remmele from the University of Education Freiburg, together with Aurélien Lecamus from our sister project CyberKit4SME, continued the discussion around the cybersecurity needs of SMEs and the ways for tool and education providers to best reach the target market of "non-consumers" of cybersecurity, in a session called 'Boldly going where no man has gone before – harnessing the huge potential of small businesses as a market for cybersecurity'.

Find more information on FIC2022 here.

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