Future TPM: contributing to a smart and safer digital world

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Advancing technology is a component  of societal program progression. But once developments are made, there is the inevitable risk that they are used for malicious purposes. Quantum computing is a prime example.

Future TPM aims to minimise the risks by getting things ready for quatum computing. Right now, many hardware devices rely on an embedded chip known as a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for encrypted security. The problem is that these platforms were not designed to withstand the force of quantum computing and consequently would be rendered useless. Future TPM seeks to design innovative quantum-resistant algorithms to improve existing TPMs.

Oftentimes consumers are concerned with the security and privacy risks of the devices they are using today. Future TPM is addressing the security issues for the digital environment of tomorrow. It is not too early. Proactivity is a component of innovation.

- Future TPM

The Solutions and Benefits

Future TPM will serve to enhance the notion that Europe has been diligent and proactive regarding consumer and commercial safety as it relates to the digital future. While quantum computing is still possibly decades away, now is the time to study and design encryption in a post-quantum world. By solving the big challenges now, the digital environment of Europe's future brings safety and security. This mix is undoubtedly appealing to those looking to make an investment in the future. Future TPM is a project which embodies the notion of proactivity and preparedness for a smart digital world.

Peace of mind will be the result for end-users of FutureTPM. Today we are on the edge of exploring the Internet of Things. This simply means that we are connecting more devices to the Internet.

In the future, things like refrigerators, cars, home security systems, smart entertainment devices and even smart light bulbs will increase their range of use by being connected. Security via encryption must be galvanized as we move toward an age of super-powerful quantum computing. FutureTPM will contribute to security efforts by ensuring that these devices are uncrackable, thus allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of technology without uncertainties.

Visit the Future TPM project page to learn more about the project and its latest solutions.