Intelligent software-UPDATE technologies for safe and secure mixed-criticality and high performance cyber physical systems

Irune Agirre

01 January 2020

31 December 2022

EC funded project

The overall UP2DATE goal is to provide a new software paradigm for SASE Over-the-Air software updates for Mixed-Criticality Cyber-Physical Systems (MCCPS).

The paradigm will be implemented through a new software architecture that will enable the runtime deployment of new (mixed‐criticality) applications remotely (patching existing functions or extending the functionality) in heterogeneous computing platforms. Moreover, UP2DATE will provide a strategy for the future certification of the approach with respect to functional safety (e.g., IEC‐61508, ISO‐26262) and security (IEC‐62443, ISO 21434) standards through dedicated concepts that build around composability and modularity as main properties to enable a dynamic (post‐deployment) validation of safety and security properties.


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