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Content Aware Technology for IP Protection in Supply Chains

Julie Arteza

01 June 2016

30 November 2016

EC funded project

Manufacturers increasingly rely upon development in the supply chain; e.g. a typical automotive company has 60% of components manufactured in the supply chain. A significant level of resistance, to sharing and enforcement of IP, is damaging supply chain partnerships and the manufacturing production processes that rely upon them; costs to industry estimated at millions of euro (NFF Symposium, 2013). This project, spanning 6 months, will investigate the feasibility of bringing to market a novel solution for protecting intellectual property across enterprise boundaries and will support a go-to-market plan for Ascema for Supply Chains, a patented technology that protects high-value content across enterprise boundaries.

The European Parliament Recognises that the enforcement of IPR is not merely a driver for jobs and growth across the Union but is essential for the proper functioning of the single market and plays a key role in stimulating innovation, creativity, competitiveness and cultural diversity.

Towards a renewed consensus on the enforcement of IPR: An EU Action Plan, May 15, Ascema offers a disruptive solution where currently no other solutions exist. This project will undertake a feasibility study, including a full business plan, to verify the technological, practical and economic viability of GeoLang’s novel Ascema for Supply Chains data loss prevention platform.

A planned Phase 2 project will provide a pre-production prototype of digital information fingerprinting and tracking mechanism across boundaries with processes and requirements for inclusion within supply chain contractual arrangements identified that will support the market take-up of this novel platform which has won GeoLang Ltd the prize of UK's Most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company 2015. The results will support the uptake by the industry of a technology that offers safe sharing of intellectual property in supply chains facilitating growth within the single market.



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