Cybersecurity Threat Detection for Internet of Things Connected Devices

Julie Arteza

01 September 2017

31 August 2018

EC funded project

The IoT refers to ordinary objects – other than computers, phones and tablets – having an internet connection. Among countless others, these typically include home appliances, medical devices and utilities meters. Although the connections are convenient, they are built using so many communications technologies, for so many purposes, that security levels vary greatly. Many connections are highly insecure and vulnerable to hacking. Such cyberattacks have already brought about severe consequences.

The EU-funded SecIoT project helped close the security gap. Experts in IoT security are relatively scarce, while demand for IoT security consultations is growing. Hence, the project team developed a plan for an automated cybersecurity expert system, intended for companies manufacturing IoT devices. The system will ultimately allow manufacturers to test their products for vulnerability and make necessary improvements.


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