cybersecurity framework to GUArantee Reliability and trust for Digital service chains

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Angeles Tejado

01 May 2019

30 April 2022

EC funded project


The growing adoption of fully digital workflows is boosting the creation of a digital market for products, services and infrastructures. However, the composition of heterogeneous information and communications technologies (ICT) from different vendors makes digital processes and transactions at risk of cyber-attacks.The EU-funded GUARD project aims to fill the technological and procedural gap between legacy cybersecurity models and novel computing and networking paradigms, by developing an innovative platform for the protection of digital business chains that encompasses two main dimensions: service integrity and data sovereignty. The project fosters the integration of security capabilities into each digital component, and orchestrates them to improve visibility over vulnerabilities, attacks, and private data. Validation and stakeholder engagement will happen in industrial and medical use cases.

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