Protection Beyond Operating System - Development of the next generation cyber security solution

Valeria Andreolli

01 October 2016

31 March 2019

EC funded project

ReaQta develops the next generation cyber security protection solution –ReaQta-core - that can revolutionise the IT security market by offering a higher level of protection to governments and private organisations. ReaQta-core is the first to apply a novel approach that incorporates a unique NanoOS and an Artificial Intelligence Engine to protect endpoints from the most advanced and sophisticated cyberthreats.

The objective is that of developing a complete and comprehensive platform for monitoring the endpoints (workstations, servers and mobile phones) used within an organisation in order to identify the emergence of new behaviors that might signal the presence of an active attacker. Such an approach provides a strong safeguard against new and unknown kinds of attacks that would otherwise go undetected using traditional technologies. At the same time the platform acts as a continuous monitoring tool capable of providing valuable intelligence information even at later stages of a cyber attack in order to offer quick response capabilities. The platform is a single place to manage the endpoints fleet that is accessible to entities unable to run endpoint monitoring because of lack of resources, for this reason the platform is structured to work as a SaaS, enabling Managed Security Service Providers to offer services to those customer that are smaller in size but still in need of advanced detection and protection capabilities.