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Privacy Enabled Capability In co-Operative systems and Safety Applications

Valeria Andreolli

01 March 2009

31 August 2010

EC funded project

The goal of PRECIOSA was to demonstrate that co-operative systems can comply with future privacy regulations by demonstrating that an example application can be endowed with technologies for suitable privacy protection of location related data.

The objectives were the following:

  • define an approach for evaluation of co-operative systems, in terms of communication privacy and data storage privacy,
  • define a privacy aware architecture for co-operative systems, involving suitable trust models and ontologies, a V2V privacy verifiable architecture and a V2I privacy verifiable architecture. The architecture includes components for protection, infringement detection and auditing,
  • define and validate guidelines for privacy aware co-operative systems,
  • investigate specific challenges for privacy.

The approach was to investigate a number of use cases, collect application and privacy protection requirements, to select a non privacy aware application, to integrate selected mechanisms for protection, infringement detection and auditing, and to assess the resulting privacy aware application. This assessment carried out in liaison with industry stakeholders (e.g. C2C-CC), public authorities (e.g. data protection, article 29) should enable the validation of guidelines for privacy awareness that will submitted to the eSafety community.

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