Valeria Andreolli

01 March 2015

28 February 2018

EC funded project

The goal of ECRYPT-CSA is to strengthen European excellence in the area of cryptology and to build on the Network of Excellence ECRYPT and ECRYPT II to achieve a durable integration and structuring of the European cryptography community, involving academia, industry, law enforcement and defence agencies. The project has the following concrete objectives:

  • Provide technology watch, joint research agendas and foresight studies for 15 specific cryptographic technologies and topics;
  • Identify technology gaps, market and implementation opportunities for five key application domains; 
  • Provide technical expertise to the cybersecurity and privacy communities through white papers, standardisation overviews and a study on the evaluation of implementations;
  • Contribute on the evaluation and verification of cryptographic protocols and algorithms;
  • Contribute to the ongoing open cryptographic competitions (CAESAR for authenticated encryption and password hashing) with security and implementation benchmarking, study methodologies for benchmarking and plan future open competitions;
  • Contribute to the development of European standards, including for the public sector;
  • Solve training needs and skill shortage of academia and industry by making an inventory of existing training programs and organizing each year an intensive course in an area of strategic importance; in addition a training will be organized on the societal elements of cryptography and on cryptography and innovation;
  • Dissemination and outreach to broad range of communities and strengthening the link with institutional stakeholders such as the European Commission.

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