Valeria Andreolli

01 January 2012

31 December 2014

EC funded project

The CockpitCI vision identifies the need to complement business awareness with cyber-security awareness in order to reach a superior level of awareness (global awareness) and increase the business continuity of the infrastructure. The CockpitCI project encompasses a multi-layered cyber detection framework capable of detecting anomalies or intrusion attempts on the entire criticalinfrastructure (CI) together with a near real-time risk evaluation capability which determines the CI functionalities impacted by cyber-attacks and faults, assesses the degradation of CI delivered services and supports the activation of possible containment strategies.
CockpitCI provides the means for a smarter and more effective graceful degradation thanks to a deeper understanding of how much of the infrastructure can be kept in operation safely in adverse situations and therefore maintain at least partial operation rather than total shutdown. CockpitCI is a security and business support solution, which can be provided with a variable degree of capabilities ranging from a purely passive monitoring decision support tool (suited also for legacy systems) to a more sophisticated solution capable of limited automatic reactions in predetermined situations

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