Safeguarding Cultural Heritage through Technical and Organisational Resources Management

Valeria Andreolli

01 June 2016

01 May 2019

EC funded project

STORM project incorporates such valuable information in a practical and useful set of tools for heritage safeguarding, taking it to a higher level. By making the processes user-focused and citizen-centred, STORM brings together wider awareness of protection and prevention than ever before. The project enables to go far beyond the current state of the art by way of:

  • Preventive actions on the conservation of historic structures.
  • Emergency measures to mitigate natural or climate change caused disasters.
  • A network of shared knowledge and tools among all European partners.

STORM tools and services are introduced both at macro level, to give a global view of the entire value chain, and at specific level, to promote the improvement of specific processes for protection and prevention. The STORM integrated framework manages those modules to provide a view that can be drilled down, giving stakeholders the possibility to improve it.

STORM, therefore, is completely in line with the EU policy statement “Towards an integrated approach to Cultural Heritage for Europe’s realisation of the value of the EU heritage”.

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