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Privacy preserving federated machine learning and blockchaining for reduced cyber risks in a world of distributed healthcare

Valeria Andreolli

01 January 2019

31 December 2023

EC funded project

FeatureCloud is a transformative, pan-European research collaboration and AI-development project which implements a software toolkit for substantially reducing cyber risks to healthcare infrastructure by employing the worldwide first “privacy by design” approach.

The final product of FeatureCloud will be characterized by three key strengths:

  • no sensitive data will be sent through any communication channels,
  • data won’t be stored in one central point of attack,
  • and patients will maintain full control over their data, being able to give or withdraw their consent at any time.

The FeatureCloud research consortium will rise to this challenge by developing the worldwide first “privacy by design” solution. We are about to create an AI platform – the “FeatureCloud” – based on a ground-breaking, novel cloud infrastructure that does not require transfer of any sensitive raw data to a centralized cloud. Instead, it only exchanges the learned representations which are totally anonymous by default. Local federated machine learning at each hospital, blockchain technology, and application of strict privacy ethics will ensure that patients maintain full and immutable control over where and which of their data can be accessed.  

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