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Stephan Schwichtenberg

01 July 2014

01 July 2024


The exchange of data between systems continually raises concerns as secure authorization/authentication measures and dynamic connectivity between devices, systems and users. In particular within the realm of IoT, traditional messaging paradigms are used which from a security perspective offer little to no value. Additional project and integrations costs are a direct result of delays in connectivity and data availability. Data quality, data transparency, and data sovereignty of users, companies, and organizations suffer as a result of this.


We all have it in us: The fibrous network of tissue which forms the gray matter in our brain. The biological Neuropil facilitates the networking between individual cells. In the same manner the Neuropil® messaging layer, an open source solution, assures the stable and secure communication between machines and applications. What makes it so unique is that the secure exchange of data between the IoT devices and applications is dynamic, decentralized, and fully automated. This way the Neuropil® messaging layer reduces IT costs, maximizes availability, and increases reliability. The utilization of Neuropil® is diverse and can be implemented in many areas, ranging from smart-home to assembly lines or estate management. 


Neuropil® layer is a c-library, which is locally installed and embedded into your own application or devices. Neuropil® messaging layer provides a digital identity and securely connects with other Neuropil enabled systems. Among others the layer provides the following features:

  • Automatic discovery of data channels across enterprises
  • Attribute based access control to authorize data exchange
  • Asymmetric end-to-end encryption between the participating systems 
  • Protection of IoT devices regarding excessive payloads
  • High scalability without central infrastructure 
  • Centralized governance, but decentralized messaging 


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