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SOFIE Provisioning and Discovery Component


The goal of the provisioning and discovery component is to enable the discovery of new IoT resources and their related metadata. Using this functionality, it is possible to decentralise the process of making new resources available to systems utilising the SOFIE framework and to automate the negotiations for the terms of use and the compensation for the use of these resources. 

The component provides the following functionalities:

  • Provisioning of IoT resources (configuration of devices, enrolling new devices to the system)
  • Discovery of new IoT resources (using Bluetooth Low Energy or DNS-service discovery)
  • Licensing of the resources
  • Keywords: Discovery, Provisioning, BLE , DNS-SD, IoT
  • Contact: Manzoor, Ahsan ahsan.manzoor@rovio.com
  • License Type: Free or open source
  • Technology readiness level: 6.

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