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SOFIE Marketplace Component


The goal of the SOFIE Marketplace component is to enable the trade of different types of assets (e.g., electricity for charging a vehicle) in an automated, decentralised, and flexible way. The Marketplace is implemented on top of the Ethereum blockchain and it allows operation without a single entity owning or managing it, which in turn increases competition and enhances its security, resiliency, transparency, and traceability. The marketplace can be either partially decentralised, when e.g. a group of independent agriculture producers and retailers are managing it through a private Ethereum blockchain, or fully decentralised and open, when anyone can join and use the marketplace.

The Marketplace component provides the following functions: A manager can create auctions, bidders can make bids for the item, after which the manager decides the winner based on the type of the auction. Once the winner has paid and the item has been delivered, the winner can then confirm the receipt, thus concluding the transaction.

  • Keywords: Decentralized marketplace, Ethereum, smart contracts
  • Contact: Wu, Lei lei.1.wu@aalto.fi
  • License Type: Free or open source
  • Technology readiness level: 7.

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