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SOFIE Federation Adapters


The SOFIE federation adapters are used to interface IoT systems with the SOFIE Architecture, which allows the IoT systems to interact with SOFIE while requiring no changes to the IoT systems themselves. Different scenarios and pilots can utilise different types of federation adapters, which expose only the required parts of the SOFIE functionality to the IoT system, and which can implement support for different protocols, standards etc., depending on the application domain and devices used.

  • Keywords: Keywords: Federation, Kaa, IoT
  • License Type:  Free or Open Source (Apache License, Version 2.0)
  • Innovation & Added-Value: federated IoT platforms, interoperability
  • Contact: Oikonomidis, Ioannis oikonomidis@synelixis.com - Synelixis Solutions SA (Greece)


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