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SOFIE Energy Data Exchange Business Vertical


This project SOFIE business vertical furthers the liberation of energy sector data, by providing currently missing building blocks for a future where the energy service providers and consumers have more control, freedom and flexibility over their data. This vertical establishes seamless access to the data with a few clicks done by the data owner  (the citizen), regardless of where the person lives or what existing energy networks are in place.

Benefits for targeted end-users:

  1. Traceability of products and ensuring the integrity of critical data without the need for centralized authority;
  2. Reducing the chances of fraud and data manipulation, cutting out corresponding mediation expenses and transaction costs;
  3. Transparent data adaptation layer for IoT platforms and easy to deploy solution to federate heterogeneous IoT environments;
  4. Immutable blockchain-backed energy consumption readings which are correct beyond dispute;
  5. Provenance chain throughout the whole infrastructure.


  • Keywords: Smart meter, data access, interoperability, Privacy, Security, Verifiability
  • Availability: 95%
  • Innovation & Added-Value: Smart meter data access control, auditability
  • License Type: Commercial
  • Technology Readiness: Integrated pilot system demonstrated
  • Price: Revenue based licence fee
  • Contact: Priit Anton, priit.anton@guartime.com, Guardtime OÜ (Estonia)


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