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Further Updates to the SOFIE Framework

SOFIE facilitates the smooth creation of new IoT business platforms through secure open federation. The SOFIE Framework is an example implementation of the SOFIE Architecture being developed in the SOFIE project. It is currently used to power four pilots: 

  • to automatically discover new Bluetooth beacons that expand game coverage and to provide more secure trading of in-game assets using the decentralised marketplace in the Context-aware Mobile Gaming pilot.

  • to provide access to consumers’ smart meter data in a secure, privacy-preserving, and GDPR-compliant manner in the Energy Data Exchange pilot pilot.

Since the Spring Release in April, Framework has been developed further and many new updates are now available in GitHub as open source including e.g.:

  • support for Hyperledger Fabric (in addition to existing Ethereum and KSI support) in Interledger transactions

  • support for Interledger transactions involving multiple responding ledgers

  • example of automating HTLCs with Interledger

  • access control now accepts both ERC721 tokens and W3C verifiable credentials, and it can operate as an HTTP forward proxy thus transparently securing any HTTP-based resources

  • support for privacy preserving surveys using local differential privacy

  • new APIs, and support for ether payments and trade conclusion in the decentralised marketplace

  • performance, stability, and documentation improvements

The work on the Framework continues and e.g. Interledger support for the Hyperledger Indy ledger is planned to be released later this Autumn.

Try out the Framework already today with the provided examples to see how you can benefit from SOFIE! After you have tried it out, we would love to get your feedback and suggestion via e-mail: framework@sofie-iot.eu.

Orginal news released here: https://www.sofie-iot.eu/news/further-updates-to-the-sofie-framework