Wide-Impact cyber SEcurity Risk framework

Niccolò Zazzeri

01 July 2015

30 November 2017

EC funded project


WISER (Wide-Impact Cyber Security Risk Framework) is a European H2020 Innovation Action that puts cyber-risk management at the very heart of good business practice thanks to a novel model-based cyber-risk management framework able to assess and mitigate cyber risks in real time, which also incorporates socio-economic impacts of cyber risks.

Who is the project designed for?

The WISER Framework is provided in terms of risk platform as a service (RPaaS) consisting of three modes of operation that collectively represent the WISER portfolio:

  1. CyberWISER Light, targeting SMEs and providing a user-friendly tool to increase awareness through self-assessment.
  2. CyberWISER Essential targeting SMEs and ICT systems in general, and providing a pre-packaged solution for real-time risk assessment.
  3. CyberWISER Plus targeting highly complex cyber systems such as critical infrastructures, and providing on-demand services for real-time and cross-system assessment of cyber risks.

On top of this, WISER is facilitating the uptake of a cyber-security culture through a series of additional free services such as:

  1. CyberWISER SEIT, an online tool that calculates the estimation of economic and non-economic impacts of cyber attacks on an organisation. Impacts can be direct or indirect. Target audiences: SMEs and small IT teams in public administration.
  2. Cartography of European Cyber Security Strategies: an interactive map that analyses national cyber security strategies in terms of capacity building, legal frameworks, public private partnerships and best practices for risk management with downloadable reports.

How will your project benefit the end-user?

WISER’s mission profile can be summarised as follows: to increase the overall cybersecurity awareness in Europe and ensure that all affected users have access to an efficient, flexible and cost-effective cybersecurity set of products and services. On the basis of that, the value proposition that has been developed can be described by the following items:

  • Affordable cyber risk assessment services depending on customer needs & budget. Due to the real-time monitoring and the increase of automatization of this assessment, prices could be more competitive, and be affordable for segments as SMEs, that have a low budget for these types of services.  
  • Effective, efficient, and user-friendly solutions. This is going to be achieved by means of an Online-centred delivery model, which is found at
  • Customised approach and a team of experts “on-call” (where applicable), to overcome the intrinsic shortfalls of the one-fits-all solution.

While the prime target of CyberWISER are SMEs, that notoriously have high barriers to entry effective (but expensive) cybersecurity solutions, effectively, all ICT-intensive organisations in Europe can benefit from the above, which is how CyberWISER intends to achieve its “cybersecurity for all” goal.


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