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mF2C Agent and microagent

mF2C provides a coordinated management of traditional cloud architectures and novel fog ones, offering unique capabilities for distributed execution of applications throughout IoT, fog and cloud environments across a variety of industry verticals. At the same time, it facilitates the efficient usage of resources within the stack built from the edge upt to the cloud, taking into consideration services' requirements (e.g. immediate data collection and processing, low latency) and user demands (e.g. high QoS and high security), proposing new peer-to-peer business models based on the concept of sharing economy, while fostering the participation in a resource sharing framework. Thus, covering all aspects of new digital businesses, boosting cloud, fog and IoT markets.

mF2C has set a list of accomplished business goals that allows different organizations to understand how it may benefit them:

  • Connectivity: Extends the cloud to be closer to the 'things'. mF2C reduces bandwidth usage and improves agility via faster access to data. Security is also improved by reducing the amount of sensitive data to be sent over the network.
  • Interoperabillity: Ensure interoperability of the mF2C framework with existing solutions. mF2C facilitates its integration with other solution by using widely adopted de-facto market standards.
  • Common framework for collaboration: Integration of IT and OT in a single framework. mF2C bridges the gap between cloud and fog, bringing cloud capabilities closer to IoT, as well as enabling collaboration and communication.
  • Shared and spread: Create and add new value to existing businesses while expanding their scalability. The mF2C approach enables efficient and cost-effective solutions, opening the door to new revenue streams by enabling the development of a new generation of more efficient, and therefore most cost-effective, applications and services.
  • Extension and optimization of current solutions: Shift data processing to the edge. mF2C improves the current portfolio offering by adding fog extensions, aiming to reduce operational costs and unnecessary data analysis from a cloud provider perspective.
  • Improve customer experience: Improve reliability and make the process as quick and smooth as possible. mF2C reduces response time by executing applications in the most suitable deployment scheme.

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