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Multi-entity-security using active Transmission Technology for improved Handling of Exportable security credentials Without privacy restrictions Primary tabs

Julie Arteza

01 November 2013

31 October 2016

EC funded project


With the increasing pervasion of our society by mobile devices like smart phones and tablets and many users running several security relevant applications on multiple mobile devices at the same time, security and privacy challenges outranging those on personal computers arise. In the near future, users are expected to move personal roles and identities between mobile platforms.

Electronic representations of rights associated with such roles will be mobilised and residing on multiple devices. These devices could be nanoSIMs used in smartphones or microSDTM cards used in tablets.The objective of MATTHEW is to develop novel, privacy-preserving security applications with Anonymity and Attribute Based Credentials (ABC) being transferable over various mobile platforms like smart phones and tablets using Near Field Communication (NFC).

Introducing active transmission technology for NFC, MATTHEW will overcome the most blocking obstacle in scalability of form factors for NFC antennas, thus facilitating integration of NFC-enabled security components in mobile devices.MATTHEW directly addresses Security and privacy in mobile systems of the objective ICT-2013.1.5 Trustworthy ICT and will, based on application requirements, specify an architecture with focus on multiple entity security with privacy preservation. Component development will encompass secure elements with physically uncloneable functions (PUFs) and privacy algorithms support, active transmission technology and antenna designs as well as specialized packages for small form factor integration.MATTHEW results will be demonstrated by a transferable payment application and a multi-key access control system. An ABC-based cryptographic API will provide pseudonyms for privacy.MATTHEW brings together eight highly qualified European partners, world market leading industries (IFAT, GTO, AMS, IFAG), research oriented SMEs (IMA, TEC, CRX) as well as a high esteemed university institute for ICT security (IAIK).


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