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29 January 2021

Call for Papers for “Methods of Information in Medicine - Focus Theme”    Security and Privacy in Distributed Healthcare Environments

Integrated Cybersecurity Solution for the Vulnerability Assessment, Monitoring and Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructures

21 January 2021

EnergyShield defines a defensive toolkit for energy system operators and combines the latest technologies for vulnerability assessment, supervision and protection.

Blog Post: How does CyberSANE comply with the legal and ethical aspects for the protection of Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs)?

21 January 2021

The Blog Post "How does CyberSANE comply with the legal and ethical aspects for the protection of Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs)?" was written by former CyberSANE Partner, Ilaria Buri

Cybersecurity in High-school – a Survey

19 January 2021

Cybersecurity is a major concern for our societies at large. Children start using internet at early ages and more than 90% of young Europeans are online.

Holiday newsletter edition: Cyberwatching.eu highlights in 2020. All the best and see you next year!

30 December 2020

Read the Cyberwatching.eu holiday newsletter. Click here.

Cyberwatching.eu Marketplace: watch the promotional video

29 December 2020

Are you looking for a complete overview of innovative products and services in the cybersecurity and privacy area across Europe?

Cyberwatching.eu Project Clusters: Cybersecurity Opportunity for Lightweight Synergy

28 December 2020

As CSA-supported under Unit H1 of DG Connect, Cyberwatching.eu project is aiming to cluster active projects with similar

Cyberwatching.eu Tools: enforcing the awareness on GDPR and Cybersecurity matters among SMEs and institutions

28 December 2020

In 2020, Cyberwatching.eu has developed three different tools covering different areas that are of extreme interest for SMEs and institutions at large. The topics covered are Cybersecurity and GDPR...

Cyberwatching.eu Webinar Series Summary: Cyber Security in 2020 and Beyond

28 December 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, which has forced people to adapt to new realities.

Cyberwatching.eu: Supporting cyber resilience in Europe

18 December 2020

The Cyberwatching.eu team is honoured to be ranked as number one most active and influential project, and adding visibility to mutual communication efforts by the

Trilateral Research and Ireland South East Financial Services Cluster Launch Workshops to Tackle the Challenges of Digitalisation in the Open-Finance Era

18 December 2020

Over the last three weeks, Trilateral Research, in collaboration with the Ireland South East Financial Services Cluster, hosted a series of workshops to foster collaboration and discuss user needs

SOTER: cyberSecurity Optimisation and Training for Enhanced Resilience in finance

17 December 2020

As companies increasingly rely on Internet-based applications to do business, the privacy and security risks to which they and their customers are exposed on a daily basis grows exponentially.