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Upgrades to the European Project Radar - Get up to date information on cybersecurity R&D landscape coming directly from EC projects

Cyberwatching.eu has launched the latest edition of the European Project Radar. The Radar is a unique resource for projects and policymakers to navigate the busy cybersecurity and privacy R&I landscape offering:

  • useful and easy to use data based on vital statistics
  • projects mapped by CS&P domains & lifecycle
  • projects tagged by JRC taxonomy for easy searches
  • market and technology level self-assessment and scores and tracking
  • up-to-date information via project mini-site and link to the official website

The following features have been introduced to the radar which makes it easier for the community to get a picture of the R&I landscape and for projects to engage and provide updated information in real-time.

A new look for a better and more-detailed birds-eye-view of the R&I landscape

The European Project Radar provides an accurate and unique birds-eye view of the European R&I cybersecurity landscape of EC-funded projects. The backbone of the EU Project Radar is six segments that represent the Cybersecurity R&I taxonomy as defined by the University of Oxford.

  • Secure systems and technology
  • Verification and Assurance
  • Operational risk, Management and Analytics
  • Identity, behaviour, ethics and Privacy
  • National and international security, privacy and governance
  • Human aspects of cybersecurity

The taxonomy determines the sector in which the project's radar "blip" (a small circle) will be placed.

To learn more about how and why this taxonomy was used for the radar, and how we also mapped the taxonomy to other well-known cybersecurity definitions such as the NIST Cybersecurity framework, please follow through to this Cyberwatching.eu report.

By clicking on the radar segments, you can dive deeper into each theme and get a clearer picture of the different projects that have been funded and their relative maturity. Each blip represents a project and you can click on them for more information.

Projects are also listed on the right of the screen and information can be accessed there too by clicking on the project name.

Projects in the Radar are also tagged according to the JRC Taxonomy. Users can select one or more JRC Taxonomy Filter to explore projects based on the following parameters: Cybersecurity domains, Sectors and Technology & Use Cases.

The taxonomy is an integral part of the EC’s new Cybersecurity Atlas which maps, categorises and stimulates collaboration between European cybersecurity experts in support of the EU Digital Strategy.

Based on the filtering applied, users can quickly visualize statistics according to the selected filters, including the number of projects and their type, total budget, average budget, total duration and average duration.

Autonomous and real-time information management for projects

By clicking on a project an information card will pop up with technical information about the project, extracted from the EC's CORDIS information system including Start and End date, Budget, Funding call and Project type.

In the information card you’ll also be able to get a brief description of the project's MRL and TRL value, and an evaluation of its performance compared to other projects in the same sector.
You’ll also be able to click through to the project’s own more detailed pages on the Cyberwatching.eu project hub where you can find updated information about the projects' progress, news, events and results as well as contact them directly and explore synergies. 

Projects may submit as many MTRL scores as they wish and they can also autonomously update their classification and tagging at any give point in time. This gives projects the freedom to self-evaluate and submit scores and tags at their own pace and suitable time.

If you want to be part of the complete collection of EU-funded projects in the cybersecurity and privacy space, register your project in the Project Hub now!

If your project is already in the European Project Radar, access your project mini page and find the "Your Project in the Radar" box at the bottom of the page from which you are able to update your information.

You can contact info@cyberwatching.eu for any further information and please take the time to validate your project information.


We were proud to be part of Cyber Security Week Luxembourg and look back on a fantastic event. A big thank you to our participants, speakers and partners!