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The digital era is creating numerous new opportunities for SMEs across Europe. But, at the same time, it introduces new cybersecurity and privacy challenges which can lead to business disruption and financial impact.

Experts from Europe’s leading R&I initiatives are delivering free and ready-to-use services and practical training to help SMEs to better prepare for any kind of attack, understand EU regulations and legislations and improve their cybersecurity posture in general.

From a lightweight cybersecurity framework, training platforms to improve capacity building within your company, expert tips on assessing how at risk your business is from GDPR sanctions, to a whole marketplace of innovative solutions designed for both SMEs already providing cybersecurity solutions, and those just wanting to get better prepared for an eventual attack. 

From 28th to 30th of January visit our stand for free at FIC2020 in Lille, France, and get independent advice from Europe’s leading innovators. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Find your weak spots in the Cybersecurity Protection Framework and react to them with the guidance of SMESEC;
  • Prepare your staff for cyberattacks improving their cyber skills thanks to the expertise of;
  • Assess your risk of being fined using the GDPR Sanctions Tool developed by;
  • Find new solutions for your Providers Marketplace with the help of CyberSec4Europe;
  • Find a cybersecurity centre of excellence near you thanks to Digital SME.

This stand is organized by the four R&I projects funded under the European Commission’s H2020 Programme mentioned above, with the aim of raising awareness on cybersecurity and bringing into the spotlight key services, tools and solutions for European SMEs that can help them react to online threats and become more cybersecure.

Don’t miss this opportunity!


5th General Meeting – Madrid (Atos premises), 17-18 February 2020 #threatarrest #cybersecurity #simulation #training

Future Events

The sec4dev Conference & Bootcamp is a Vienna-based security event which targets one very specific group: people involved in software development.

From February 24-27 2020 experts will gather in the TU Wien to discuss and promote, among other things, secure coding, security testing, automation and continuous integration.

24/02/2020 to 27/02/2020

As Europe’s largest legal technology conference and exhibition, The British Legal Technology Forum 2020 will bring together the most respected professionals from both the legal and commercial technology sectors to examine and explore the systems, strategies, processes and platforms that will drive law firms and legal businesses into the next decade and beyond.