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On 14th November joined “Cybersecurity For Europe 2019” organized by the CyberSec4Europe project.

CyberSec4Europe is one of the four large scale projects funded by the European Commission’sDG CNECT to pilot the key building blocks of the upcoming regulation, establishing a new European cybersecurity industrial, technology and research competence network and centre.

Nicholas Ferguson, as coordinator of, played an active role on the panel session entitled “Recommendations for Cybersecurity Research and Innovation” highlighting key results of the project such as the European Project Radar.

Thanks to a number of activities spanning from a specific cybersecurity taxonomy definition, to the Market Technology Readiness Level self-assessment evaluation as well as analysis of lifecycle maturity patterns, the European Project Radar is able to map and visualize the state of the art of cybersecurity and privacy R&I projects as a means to maintain oversight of the larger European Cybersecurity research landscape.

The 150 projects currently included in the radar are grouped by research themes and colour-coded to show their position in the project lifecycle. The radar allows making swift yet statistically sound statements on the state of the art of the European cybersecurity and privacy research landscape.

To fully close the circle on its mission to become THE European observatory of R&I in the field of cybersecurity and privacy, is also allocating to each project a dedicated space in its Project Hub in which they can autonomously update information about project status, key outputs, demos and best practices, therefore facilitating information transfer, communication and cross-pollination.


On November 13th the Italian Parliament finally approved Law Decree No. 105/2019, which significantly extends the scope of application of the Italian “golden powers” regulations, amending Law Decree No. 21/2012.

Future Events

The Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on 9-13 December 2019. 

09/12/2019 to 13/12/2019

The one-day Summit on the 13th of January brings together prominent security practitioners for in-depth talks focused on techniques that can be used to successfully identify, contain, and eliminate adversaries targeting your networks. Attendees will gain tools and methods to leverage as soon as they return to work.

The Summit will explore:

13/01/2020 to 19/01/2020