Tools: enforcing the awareness on GDPR and Cybersecurity matters among SMEs and institutions

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In 2020, has developed three different tools covering different areas that are of extreme interest for SMEs and institutions at large. The topics covered are Cybersecurity and GDPR and the tools implemented are the Cyber Risk Temperature Tool, the GPDR Temperature Tool and the Information Notice Tool.

Cyber Risk Temperature Tool
The tool is designed mostly to SMEs but all kinds of organizations can take advantage of its content and recommendations.
It is made of a set of questions divided into two main categories. The first category is addressed to managers and SMEs owners who are asked to make an assessment of their IT infrastructure and describe their current situation in terms of IT services. The second category of questions focuses more on technical aspects, mainly concerning the company security and the behaviours specifically adopted towards cybersecurity matters as a whole.

The Cyber Risk Temperature Tool can help businesses and institutions to identify the possible critical situations that may arise in different areas. The tool particularly helps to increase the knowledge of cybersecurity issues in relation to the company, the methodologies applied within the organization and the systems authentication policies with a set of recommendations based on the assessed level of vulnerability.

The Cyber Risk Temperature Tool can be found at (free of charge) and it can be completed in about 15 minutes.

The GDPR Temperature Tool
The tool includes a series of questions related to data processing activities, it is designed to give a reference outlined as “temperature” that measures the company’s exposure to risk of sanctions due to GDPR violations.
The GDPR Temperature Tool also provide a set of recommendations containing some practical suggestions to be followed by businesses and organisations in order to improve their compliance posture.
The tool is mainly addressed to European SMEs working in digital environments, who are playing a fundamental and innovative role in extending the GDPR rules to all kinds of sectors and further spread the knowledge to the entire economic system.

The tool can also improve efficiency in case the SMEs and businesses at large are fully respectful of data processing, they can avoid additional costs that could derive from possible fines but also unnecessary administrative costs that might come with wrong dealing with GDPR regulations.

The GDPR Temperature Tool can be found here at (free of charge) and can be completed in about 15 minutes. 

Information Notice Tool
The Information Notice Tool allows all types of organisations to approach the GDPR related issues in a pragmatic and efficient way.
The tool focuses mainly on Art. 13 and Art. 14 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), in which are listed the items that must be included in the information notice dedicated to users and consumers.

The tool is made of a set of questions related to data processing by any type of company and provides useful recommendations on how to behave in front of GDPR, its rules and enforcement, thanks to a practical check-list for the components required in an Information Notice under the GDPR

The Tool can be found here at (free of charge) and can be completed in about 15 minutes.

Future Events

The 2021 edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) will be held in Lille Grand Palais on Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st January 2021. This edition of the FIC will also welcome Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, and Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for a Europe Fit for the Digital Age.

19/01/2021 to 21/01/2021

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