Cyberwatching helping to cybersecure European SMEs at FIC2020

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Cyberwatching will be joining FIC2020 with two key initiatives aiming at raising awareness on cybersecurity and bringing into the spotlight key services, tools and solutions for European SMEs that can help them react to online threats and become more cybersecure.

For the whole duration of FIC2020 (from 28th to 30th of January) Cyberwatching will be hosting an info booth with the joint participation of three other H2020 initiatives related to cybersecurity and privacy, namely CyberSec4Europe, and SMESEC.

All three initiatives are tackling cybersecurity and privacy from complementary perspectives, providing European SMEs with key resources to boost their online security:

  • CyberSec4Europe is one of the four recently funded competence pilot projects aiming at setting up a European network of centres of cybersecurity expertise.
    The project activities range from combining formal, professional and non-traditional cybersecurity skills sand capacity building to open-source tools development to support cybersecurity education, software testing, and certification of hardware and software products.
  • delivers a flexible, risk-centred, capacity-building platform, combining a theoretical and practical approach to cybersecurity with innovative features (including a cutting edge cyber range). implements customisable training pathways in cybersecurity to fit a broad range of needs and capacity building targets.
  • SMESEC proposes a cost-effective framework composed of specific cyber-security tool-kits to support SMEs in managing network information security risks and threats including: detection and alerting tools, threat protection and response as well as awareness and trainingtutorials.

The joint info booth is supported by Digital SME Alliance France which promotes a European oriented approach towards the development of French SMEs active in Information and Communication Technologies. Don't miss to visit our booth at E14.

On January 31st Cyberwatching will be joining the 2nd Open Pilot Workshop which will be held in the same location as FIC2020.

The workshop will showcase, an integrated online platform where organisations can train their staff in a simulated environment of cyber incidents and attacks, allowing both IT professionals and non-technical staff to hone and evolve their skills, continuously evaluating their performance as they prepare for future real attack episodes.

In this context, Cyberwatching will be chairing a specific session on complementary cybersecurity services for SMEs coming from R&I projects in Europe by presenting its GDPR Temperature Tool and Marketplace, as well as solutions and opportunities coming from the 4 Cybersecurity Competence Pilot Projects, namely CONCORDIA, ECHO, SPARTA and CyberSec4Europe.


We are glad to promote  SPECIAL as "Service of the Month" for January 2020.

Future Events

Dedicated to exchanges of views and professional meetings, the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) has become the leading European event on cybersecurity security and digital trust. Its originality is to mix a forum, to foster reflection and exchanges among the European cybersecurity ecosystem, and a trade fair for buyers and suppliers of cybersecurity solutions to meet and network.

28/01/2020 to 30/01/2020 is going to present its cybersecurity training solution at a joint information stand at FIC 2020, in Lille (France), on 28-30 January 2020.

Cybersecurity has become a major priority for organisations to protect themselves against cyberattacks, and due to the rising concerns about data risks to information security, companies of all sizes, and public sector organisations around Europe need trained professionals to help fill skills gap, key for developing cybersecurity processes.

28/01/2020 to 30/01/2020