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The 2nd Concertation Meeting of H2020 projects from unit H1 "Cybersecurity & Privacy” gathered over 60 representatives from all projects in the unit in order to discuss a series of topics, including focus on the key topics and collaboration between the newly funded competence centre pilot projects and discussion on future directions for the Horizon Europe and Digital Europe Programmes.
With a series of plenary and break-out sessions, the event also saw collaboration with ECSO secretariat and ECSO WG chairs who led discussion in a number of these sessions.

The participants of the 2nd Concertation Meeting were able to actively contribute to the policy dialogue by identifying calls to action for EC and policy makers to move forward on the key strategic elements which can shape Europe’s R&I cybersecurity strategy.

A summary of the recommendations coming from the 2nd Concertation Meeting is offered in the document below, which has been produced in the context of D3.4 EU Cybersecurity legal and policy aspects: preliminary recommendations and road ahead, which offers recommendations to policy makers with regards to the interaction between the General Data Protection Regulation and the Directive on security of network and information systems and the challenges brought about by the deployment of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain.

Download the post event report and the set of recommendations here



Since the early 90’s, the EU has been investing in cybersecurity research and innovation.

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