IPEN Rome Workshop 2019


The next IPEN workshop will be held in Rome on 12 June 2019. (The event is followed by the Annual Privacy Forum 2019 organised by ENISA on 13-14 June, at the same venue).

The ‘state of the art’ in data protection by design – Current state and future trends

IPEN invites participants from different areas such as regulators, academia, open source and business development, and other individuals who are committed to finding engineering solutions to privacy challenges. The overall objective is to integrate data protection and privacy into all phases of the development process, from the requirements phase to production, as most appropriate depending on the development model and the application environment.

It supports networking between engineer groups and existing initiatives for engineering privacy into the internet. The network facilitates exchange in order to coordinate work and avoid duplication, in addition to discussing which privacy oriented use cases should be addressed with priority.

At this year’s IPEN workshop will endeavour to launch a discussion on specific examples of the state of the art in data protection by design. Experts from academia, the industry, and public authorities will give brief presentations on four key areas:
•    State of the art: The introductory speech will present the concept of state of the art in the field of law, information security and privacy engineering.
•    Monetizing without surveillance - implementing Privacy by Design business models: Is monetization without surveillance possible? In this session, panellists will present emerging ways of creating business models based on privacy-friendly technologies.
•    Privacy engineering: Two sessions will focus on embedding data protection by design, for example in the process of software development or the Internet of Things. Experts will provide insights on specific methodological challenges and discuss possible approaches.
•    Anonymization, De-identification: The GDPR pays significant attention to de-identification and anonymization. With various techniques modifying data in significantly different ways, under what circumstances can the controller and the data subject assume that the data is no longer related to an identifiable individual? A Keynote by Prof. Maurizio Naldi and a panel session will discuss what should be considered state of the art technology.

To know more about this event visit the event website.


GDPR TIPS that drives Privacy by Design

As GDPR has opened a new chapter for data protection & give new impetus to the way privacy is protected in electronic communication, here are 5 GDPR tips provided by PDP4E, our featured project of the week, that aim to promote and ignite the interest of the cybersecurity and privacy community and the general public.

Future Events

Privacy Day Forum 2019

After 7,000 participants in seven editions, the eighth Privacy Day Forum will take place on Wednesday 19 June 2019at the CNR Research Area of ​​Pisa . (View the day's schedule  ). It is possible to follow the program of the plenary also live streaming.

Cyber Security & Cloud Expo Europe 2019
19/06/2019 to 20/06/2019

The Cyber Security & Cloud Expo Europe 2019 will host two days of top level discussion around cyber security and cloud, and the impact they are having on industries including government, energy, financial services, healthcare and more.