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Montimage is a research SME that proposes its know-how & tools for monitoring and testing network traffic & services, and creating secure 4G/5G networks. Its end-to-end monitoring solutions are based on formal methods and machine learning for differentiating the expected behaviour and attacks.

Further information on the solution: Software solution that monitors the network traffic for preventing & detecting cyberattacks. It integrate different deep learning and behaviour analysis techniques. It cam be deployed as a service in the cloud, a small device (e.g. RaspberryPi) or a large server for high bandwidth traffic (20Gbps).
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Small and Medium Enterprise
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Future Events

One of the goals of the project is to identify ways to cluster (still active) projects with similar aims for their mutual benefit, and support these with targeted support activities (webinars, deep dives, focus events, etc.) is organising two (2) separate virtual meetings with two different groups of projects, in order to help them improve their market capabilities.

09/07/2020 to 16/07/2020

COINS is the premier conference devoted to omni-layer techniques for smart AIdriven IoT systems, by identifying new perspectives and highlighting impending research issues and challenges.

27/07/2020 to 29/07/2020